Tom Lehrer Lyric -- Alma

It wasn’t until I heard the rebroadcast of the show that I caught the reference to Tom Lehrer’s song “Alma” during the discussion with the woman from Gustavus.

For those unfamiliar with Mr. Lehrer, he is arguably the premier musical satirist of the 20th Century, releasing his first record as an undergraduate at Harvard, where he later had a long career as a mathematics professor; he later moved to UC Santa Cruz.

In 1965 he released an album called “That Was The Year That Was” based on songs written for a weekly TV show hosted by David Frost called “That Was The Week That Was” – virtually a satiric “60 Minutes” and a direct antecedent to the “Saturday Night Live Weekend Update” segment and, of course, “The Daily Show.”

Here is a link to the song “Alma” – the archive contains transcriptions of almost all of the lyrics and patter from the albums – fortunately the Internet Archive saved this site from oblivion when AOL discontinued their member hosting service.


Link to Tom Lehrer biography at Wikipedia: