Hey what was that Song?

A couple of weeks ago (26 Jan) you had a Car talk episode with a great song about an old pick up truck. I have driven a bunch of old pick up trucks and would love to know what the song was but haven’t had any luck finding it? Any Help? or Any ideas about other great songs for those of us that like well broken in vehicles?

Red Sovine might have sung it. A good song for inferior trucking was Wolf Creek Pass. I don’t know the artist. If you can find 18 Wheels by John Stewart from the album Fire in The Wind, you’ll get a good kick out of it. Bombs Away.

I never listen to their show but Wolf Creek Pass is C.W. McCall of ‘Convoy’ fame. He has several songs about pick-up trucks and they’re actually quite good, like country banjo pickin’ songs. Get C.W. McCall’s Greatest Hits.

listen to the episode online at this web site
unfortunately, the page has a bug and you can’t search for dates in 2008, but perhaps you can find it by some other reference.
When you get to the show, write down the lyrics, for a few lines.
Enter the lyrics in google, and you should get the song title

Edit: bug fixed now. Just enter the date.

Click here:http://www.jerryosborne.com/mr.music.htm

If you can remember some of the words this guy can probably come up w/the artist and songname.Find the box that reads, “Got a question for Mr. Music? Ask it here!” Anyway, you might check out the CD "Semi

Crazy"; by Junior Brown. He sings and writes in the style of the
great C&W “Truck” songwriterrs like Dave Dudley “Six Days on the Road”, and Red Miller (I’m a Truck"; using every imaginable pun there is.

(“Semi Crazy”; “Half Nuts”; etc.) In fact, Red Miller duets with Junior on this CD. Oh well, seeya on down the the road, jack!

Man! It’s been so long since C.W. McCall was played a lot that I forgot about him. Did he sing the one about the fully illuminated chrome-plated shifter knob falling on the floor and I said would you screw that back on there Earl? Manatwasfunny.