Tom and Ray's book

20+ years ago I bought a paper back book that was either titled or sub titled “The Last Chance Garage” by Tom and Ray Magliozzi but it seems to have been lost in a house cleaning or some highly sophisticated burglar with great taste in literature stole it and there is no indication on a web surf that it ever existed. Surely someone here is familiar with the book. If so please reply.

Are you sure this was a Tom & Ray book?

Doing a web search, I found this book with that title by Brad Sears, from 1984. The book was a companion to a TV series of the same name, hosted by Brad Sears, which ran on PBS back in the early-to-mid '80s.

Maybe so @Bugmenot. As most here know my looks and memory are fading somewhat but somewhere in the fog I felt sure it was written by Tom and Ray.


Never heard of it but the same thief must have gotten my bicycle repair book and my Corvair book. My Mom cleaned out a lot of my stuff but she’s innocent on these. I think the same person got my cold chisel too that I can’t find. So if you see a guy in the reading room with a cold chisel in them pocket. Call the police.


A thief who appreciates great books and fine hand tools seems like a rare human being @bing. But the next time someone like that comes along my dog will slobber all over them and make them easily identified when the police put out an APB.


I too know the thief of which you speak… I have suspected him of pilfering my belongings many many times. Sometimes I have suspected that surely he was following me around the garage, house, yard, actively thieving items that I was currently using just a moment prior.

Despite my calls to the Police, Coast Guard, Army, Navy etc… no one has turned up any evidence regarding this law breaker.

After all of my own (numerous) investigations have slowly, inexorably, inevitably turned back upon myself as being the perpetrator of each and every “theft”, I no longer tell anyone something is missing, no longer call the police as these actions only serve to mock me.

I just sit defeated because I know that I’m the dude who “stole” my stuff, even if I did only move that wrench into the microwave…

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If you catch him see if he has my 15" Crescent wrench that disappeared while I was working on my 56 Desoto.

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I guess I just can’t help it: Saint Anthony is known for his ability to help people find lost things . I’ve seen it work with my own eyes. I didn’t think he’d help a Lutheran but we’ve used it several times. Unfortunately even he can’t produce my cold chisel. So I never accuse anyone or call the police until I at least consult Saint Anthony. I mean how much are they, $5? Problem is once you buy one, the rule is the lost one will turn up, then whaddaya do with two of them-like my soldering iron?

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Tom and Ray’s shop was called “The Good News Garage”. I do seem to recall a PBS half hour tv show called “The Last Chance Garage”.

In Our Humble Opinion: Car Talk’s Click and Clack Rant and Rave;

Well it’s obvious that I’m loosing my mind… Some might say “no great loss.”

“Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.” You’ll be in great company though.

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