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To sell or not: 2000 Volvo X70

I have loved this car for 12 years, 155,000 miles. However, I recently had to have the transmission rebuilt (in Canada) and now I have a possible turbo leak. I’d like to get some time/value out of the transmission job and avoid the turbo repair. When is it time to give up and sell?

Turbo problems? I think it is time.

Sorry, but you should have cut your losses 3-4 years ago. If you keep it to get your money’s worth out of the transmission be prepared for more issues than a problem turbo. The problem with these Volvo’s is the paint, seats, and comfort of the cars lulls owners into keeping them, and then the next multi-thousand dollar repair comes along.

The time arrived quite a while back.

Keeping it any longer would be sending good money after bad! An old Volvo is like a bad marriage; get out of it as soon as you can!

Canadian winters are not kind to cars, even “sturdy” Volvos.