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Dump it or worth fixing?

This is my wfe’s 2001 XC70 with 110,000 miles on it.

Problem on hand:

While drive (only 10 minutes), dash lightS n gauges all went out, power window, lock, sunroof out also, but engine, headlight, n radio still worked. Popped the following warning light; check engine, ABS. This happened twice within a week.

Dealer’s recommedation:

Took to dealer, they looked at me like I had 4 heads or something. Ran test, told me a bunch of codes popped up but can not replicate the problem. Recommendations was to replace CEM, catalytic converter, driver seat belt. This is a $3,000+ repair that they “think” should fix it. “think”"""""

Told them I would think about it. They reset all the warning lights n car ran fine for about 1 month, and have since happened 2 more times while my wife is driving it around with our son. I have also experienced myself, the floor light would stay on as though a door was opened. No power windows or locks.

Leading to the bigger problem:

Leading to this problem, I documented the following electrical issues for a few months:

-Blower motor running at full speed when I first enter the car after it sat all night in my driveway.

-Using the windshield fluid function made the rear speakers produced static sounds, but stop as soon as I let go of the washer fluid lever.

-Driver heated seat motor failed twice and left unfixed after second time.

-Power window both driver side and passenger would roll up with one touch, but come right back down by itself as though its hitting something.

-Note, the above happened here and there, never at the same time. We have own this Volvo for just 1 year. Otherwise love this car.

Now what?

I don’t know what to do, and I think this could be unsafe for the wife and child as their daily commute.

What do you think? Any Volvo mechanics here? Is it worth fixing? A, I coming up a guhe waterfall or just a little ripple? We don’t have $3000 to try the fix only to have to drop another 1-2k more. Any ideas? Thanks

If cheap repairs (work) will fit the budget, Find the engine to body / firewall / fender, wherever it is and disconnect the end on the body // and scrape the rust or paint off it and the body. Reconnect it and say a prayer. Yes, it may be a miracle if it works but it might, and it won’t cost anything. Look for dashboard grounds too; they may look like wires screwed into the floor. Volvo owners are usually screwed to the roof.

Dump it.

Every time you take your car to a Volvo dealer they will find something to fix and the bill will be $2,000. All the stuff you describe is typical Volvo. Sell the car ASAP. Don’t spend a dime on it. I owned 2 XC70’s, an '98 and '00 and speak from personal experience.

Do you have a CEL now?  (Check Engine Light)  If so have the codes read and they should show a code like P1234  Post them back here so we may be able to give you better advice.  Many auto parts stores will read the codes for free.  Just make sure you get the real codes, not something like "left bank sensor"

Before you leap, see if any Volvo independent specialists are around. Typically prices are far cheaper and fixes are actual fixes not full component replacements.