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To repair or not to repair?

How do I determine whether or not I should rebuild the transmission on my teenage car? It is a 1995 G20 with about 130,000 miles on it. It’s in fairly good shape aside from that, although it needs some light bulbs in the map lights and mirror lights, and the tachometer is broken (although it’s really a dashboard decoration on a car with an automatic transmission. A rebuild would cost $2300-$2500. Is it worth doing, or should I retire the G and get a younger car?

You never know, but chances are it will be cheaper to keep her.

If it needs transmission work, then the sale price is gong to be less. So you are going to pay for the transmission work either way. Buying a new car is almost 100% certain to cost you more and buying a used one could just end up in the same place where you are.

Agree with Joseph. With a broken transmission the car is worth nothing. So an investment of $2500 in what is basically a very good car is worth it. That’s based on the rest of the car being in good shape and no other $2500 items needing replacement sooon.

The 130,00 miles is not very high for its age, so there should be a few more years of good driving left in it!