To Peter and others attention: Malibu's blower

Hi, Peter. You posted a response to my question regarding the ignition switch problem which leads to the failure of the blower, and you told me to check the HVAC Blower fuse in the passanger’s side of fuse box. I checked the Malibu manual: in the Instrument Panel Fuse Block-Right, there is only one related fuse called "Climate Control System ©. The HVAC Blower (Climate Control) is located in the Engine Compartment Fuse Block on the driver’s side of the engine compartment, near the air cleaner filter. Actually there are two both called HVAC Blower (Climate Control), but one is indexed under “Fuse/Minirelays” #13, and the other indexed under “Fuse/Minifuses, # 53”, and they are next to each other in the fuse block. Which one(s) I should check the voltage, C, #13 and/or #53? Thanks. Lee

I suggest you check all of them. All it takes is one bad fuse or power connection to cause a problem.

What year malibu? That could make a difference. When this string started we were talking about a 2003, so I’m not really sure what year we’re on now. And also I noticed you said " failure of the blower". Does your blower only work on high? just for grins remove that right fuse panel cover, flip it over and look for HVAC Blower fuse 20A. If you have a 2003, it’s there.

I am sorry, Peter, my Malibu is 1999. The blower works 7 times out of 10. When it works, it works at 1, 2,3…and high, and when it does not work, it works at none. So I don’t think the resistor is the problem. In the right fuse panel, it only has a “Climate Control System” fuse (fuse C), and the “HVAC Blower (Climate Control)” fuse (Fuse53) is located in the Engine Compartment Fuse block, and it is next to HVAC Blower Mini-Relay#13. So I get confused as to which one I need to check. Thanks. Lee