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To Flush or Not to Flush (and I'm not talking about the toilet)

Okay, here is my question: Transmission fluid, flush or don’t flush? Specifically on an '01 Toyota Corolla. I’ve heard several conflicting opinions from several sources and am trying to put this thing to rest.

Drain the fluid and change the filter, and do this every 30,000-40,000 miles. If you flush a car like yours with little previous maintenance, the crud that is flushed through the transmission will lodge in places you don’t want it to be and could easily cause transmission failure.

Flushing is OK once in a while when you have done all the regular maintenance described above.

Shops psuh flushing sice they have an expensive machine and it takes very litlle time and skill to do it; it’s a great money maker for the shop, but it might wreck your transmission.

I have had automatic transmissions since 1965 and have regularly drained the fluid and changed the filters on all of them. The only “repair” I have ever had was in 1976 on a Ford C-4 unit and it cost $185!

Do NOT flush!!!
Drain and make sure they clean the pan and new or clean the filter.

You can flush the radiator…you can flush the brake lines…you can even flush the toilet but never…ever flush a transmission. Always have the transmission drained and the filter replaced.