Flush 2001 Toyota Corolla trans?

Should I flush the transmission of a Toyota Corolla with about 240,000 miles?

A drain and fill is the prefered method(needs to be done often). Dropping the pan and changing the filter is a messy job but is often required on cars with unknown service history. Flushing a transmission is best left to professionals because if done incorrectly, can lead to premature transmission failure.


I like to keep things simple. Never flush an automatic transmission. Most transmission shops do not have the proper equipment or the properly trained technicians to do the job right. Why take a chance on ruining your transmission?

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I greatly appreciate your advise. Thank you very much, CAR TALK

Thank you

Moses L Durosawo

Can you tell us about the improper equipment that most transmission shops have? I wonder if that equipment can be re-purposed.

Not cleaning the flush machine properly(hose and tanks) after each service can introduce gunk and metal shavings back into a good transmission and damage it beyond repair.Stay away from this service if you can.

You are not making any sense, how can the new fluid lines become contaminated with shavings? What type of fluid exchange machine are you familiar with?