To buy or not to buy: 2006 Volvo S40

Is this a good car? Would you buy one with over 200k on it?

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It is a 12 year old Volvo , where in the world are you going to get parts if you need anything that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg ? 200K , No I wouldn’t . As for how good it is that can’t be determined without seeing the thing in person.

Thank you.

Wholesale Black Book shows $1640. Start deducting for everything it needs. Do you have a local independent shop who will work on old Volvo’s? You can’t afford to take an old Volvo to a dealership.

Is this worth investing $150 or so in a PRE purcahse inspection? Probably not.

This car would probably be near the very bottom of any list of cars I would recommend. Even if someone GIVES it to you it will be costly and troublesome to keep running.

Someone I know had a 1998 Volvo S60(?), I think it was.

It was in the shop all the time, and literally the price of entry was $500 every time.

If you can’t handle that kind of financial hit regularly, don’t know the detailed maintenance history, and/or value your sanity… I’d pass on this one.

Thank you. That seems to be the consensus.

Thanks, given the responses I have gotten I think I will pass.

Are you from Sweden?
If not, don’t buy it. If you are then don’t buy it.
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