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Volvo s60

We’re considering purchasing a 01’ s60 w/155,000 mi. on it. Its had about $7000 put into it since 08’. We would like to get a car that is under $5000, able to put 100,000 mi on. Do you think its worth it?

No, not worth it. Think about it; $7,000 since '08. So, how many more thousands of dollars will it need between now and 2012? My guess is another $7,000 or more based on my experience with older Volvos. If you’ve got that kind of money to spend on repairs, go for it.

I expect you’ll find this old Volvo too expensive and be looking to sell it a few years after you buy it. Therefore, head this off at the pass and don’t buy the car.

Ya that’s what we were afraid of! Thanks for the extra insight! Much appreciated!