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To avoid station's sediment, how soon OK to buy their gas?

As I rolled by my favorite gas station today at 2:30pm, I saw a long tanker truck parked off to the side–no idea whether their refill was about to start or was finished (wish I had their phone #). I’ve heard one should wait awhile before buying their gas, due to sediment getting roiled up & then maybe getting into MY tank. Would

it be safe to buy gas tonight at 10pm? Or should I wait till sometime tomorrow?

Buy gas now or whenever it’s most convenient. This myth about sediment has been debunked.

Any decent station has filters on the pumps, I don’t worry about it. A busy station can have frequent fills, you’d go crazy trying to schedule your visits around them.

I buy gas at the same station every time.
Twice the tanker was there at the same time, I carried on a conversation with the driver at 8:45 pm, it was his third trip that day.

NEVER had a fuel quality issue with this staion.

If you’re concerned ( questionable staion age or maintainence ) just a wait an hour or two.

Sediment-phobia is silly. The pumps, and your car, both have filters. Besides, IF there were sediment in the gas station’s tanks, and IF it were a problem, you would get MORE sediment if you waited until it settled to the bottom of their storage tank, as the supply is pumped from the bottom, not the top.

When you see the truck you can always go somewhere else. If it blows up for no reason… You have to stop worrying.