Title for emission testing

Do you have to bring title when car has emissions testing in Tucson Arizona

Barry, why don’t you call the local test facility and ask them? That way your answer will be direct from the facility and not a guess .

You shouldn’t need the present the title.

@bcohen2010 and @eddo live in Arizona and should be able to help.

Registration - Yes. You don’t get a title if you have a lean on the vehicle. Who ever owns the lean will have the title. So the answer to the question is - NO. You do not need your title for emission testing. But you do need registration.

In Arizona the buyer gets the vehicle title, the lien holder is listed on the title.

Go to the emission testing web site for Arizona and see what it says you should bring with you.

Call 520-629-9808 and ask them.

if you are just doing yearly, normal emissions testing, no title is required. with barcode scanners and fancy computers, you may not even need the current registration. Just show up, pay your $12.25 and get it done.

In NY you get a title with the lien holder listed on it When you sell the vehicle, you give the buyer the title and the lien release and they can get a clean title with that. In NY you don’t need to bring your registration either, your registration sticker is right on your windshield.

You mean “lien”. I “lean” on the fender of my car.