Emissions test

I was wondering if my car was e tested and certified, and i then wanted to sell it to my buddy would he have to get both the safety and emissions test redone. or was it just the safety

I don’t know the local laws where you are but here in Ontario, Canada, if you safety certify and e-test (passed) a vehicle and sell it, the new owner does not have to redo the two over again to register the vehicle.

You just have to submit the results of the e-test and show proof of the safety certificate to the Ministry of Transport.

Suppose the answer depends on the state. Ask the DMV.

It would be nice to know where you live so we can give you an accurate answer.

In the states I’ve lived in the new owner must have the car inspected and e-tested within 30 days of registration. It doesn’t matter if the car was inspected and e-tested just minutes by the previous owner before he sold it.

Sorry I live in Peterborough Ontario. I was told that if it is already e-tested and had the safety test done will i need to get them both done again when the name switch over or do i just need to get the safety redone… thats my understanding of it thanks for your input to guys it helps

Well that’s a completely different story. I haven’t a clue what the laws are in Canada. You’re best bet is to contact the powers-that-be in that country. Here in the states each state has a DMV which makes and implements the laws.

He could read Roadrunner’s post. It addresses Ontario, Canada exactly. I’d still contact the DNV, though.