what tires do you suggest for a 2006 Scion X A where a daily communte in SW New Mexico requires a 30 mile each way trip. is a great place to go to to research your next tire choice. On it you can get owners, of Scion xA or other vehicles, reviews of tires they have purchased. You can also get a breakdown of all tires that will fit your car and look up owners reviews or tire rack test results.

Personal experience with site and knowledgble staff has been fantastic. there price plus shipping plus installation at a local shop has always beat price from local shop plus installation and tax.

For high-speed desert driving, a “touring” type tire would be best for you. Not “all-season” types which you don’t need. You want a tight, quiet, tread design and a tread-wear rating over 350. The market is overflowing with “up-selling” and “up-grading” in an effort to increase profit margins. Shop at Costco or Discount Tire and won’t go too far wrong. If money is tight, Wally-World will fix you up…