Best Tires

What are the best All Season tires for my 2009 Scion XB currently have 205/55R16

Suggest you look at reviews at as well as Consumer Reports (Nov 2010?). Both set of reviews generally discuss qualities of tires in terms of wet, dry, snow traction; treadwear; and rolling resistance, thus avoiding all of us making guesses about your particular driving habits/circumstances.

You could provide us with a teeny tiny bit more information about your driving conditions, you know. Do you live in a place with a lot of rain, or just dry heat all year long?

Maybe you need the tires to do well with occasional light snow, or full on blizzard conditions? Lots of black ice? Muddy roads?

Based on all the information you have provided, I recommend whatever came on your car to begin with. You haven’t said that there was anything wrong with the way that they performed.

Once you give us some actual information, we can actually help you.


A friend bought a Scion with the sport wheel option…They were worthless in snow and made the car ride like a truck. I replaced them with a set of standard 15" wheels purchased from a salvage yard and a set of inexpensive 205/70/15 all-season tires (they might have been 195/15) and the owner was amazed at the improvement…this change-over cost less than a new set of 205/55/16 tires which are very pricey…Those 4-lug wheels and tires also fit older Civics so they were easy to sell to someone jazzing up their Rice Rocket…

Interesting that vehicle shares the same size wheel as my 04 WRX wagon.

If you want winter traction the absolute best all-season tire is the Nokian WR G2. It is rated as snow/winter tire but can be used year round is pleasant all around.

If winter traction is not a major concern the Bridgestone RE960 Pole Position is the best tire I have owned and would buy again for my 2004 Subaru WRX.

Yokohame has some nice choices with their AVID series if winter traction is not a concern.

First, you need to decide what “Best” means to you. You might want best traction at high speed, I prefer something with maybe slightly less traction, but better mileage, then you also might prefer a tyre that will last longer, but may not be quite as good at the other factors.

Without knowing where you live, that’s impossible to answer. Most A/S’s are quite poor on snow and ice - some call them “no seasons.”