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New Tires

I have a Toyota Scion xA. It is a 2006 and just recently went over 40,000 miles. I now need new tires and wondered what tires would be best for year round travel? I’d also like to know what price range is considered reasonable?

Go to

and enter either your car or your tire size.

There’s lots of good information at Tire Rack.

You don’t have to buy from them, but you can learn a LOT by checking out their test results, owner survey results, etc.

There are many different tires that will fit your car. Do some research before you buy.

I agree with the visit to Tirerack. 1010tires also has a good consumer feedback and rating section.

Personally, I’ve been supremely happy with the Hankooks I have on my tC. Tracking, road sound, and ride are excellent, wear is very good, and winter traction has been surprizingly good. I went through our last NH winter with absolutely no traction problems whatsoever.

But I’m only a sample of one.


Which Hankooks did you buy? I need new tires for my '97 Acura 2.2 CL (205/55 x 16). I’ve been researching at TireRack and other sites, and I’ve learned a lot, but I’d appreciate any information you’d care to share about your Hankooks.


I’ll check tonight and post tomorrow.

Thank you.

in the meantime check out Hankooks web site for tire sizes.

I looked last night.
According to the sidewall they’re Ventus V4 ES model Hankooks.

Thanks, Mountainbike. I’ll check them out.