I bought a 1992 corvette coupe last November and I need to buy tires. I am confused by all the research I have done. I thought Goodyear tires would be the way to go, but I am reading reviews that tell me different. Could someone recommend a good all season tire for this car?

Are you going to be driving it as fast as it can go ?

Is this a collector’s weekender that you’ll be cruising the Sonic drive-in ?

GoodYear Eagle Ultra Grip, the kind they put on Cop Cars are probably the best high performance all-season tires made…Anyone who says different does not know what they are talking about…

Yes, you can buy better, quieter, high performance tires that excel on dry pavement, but you said “all-season” and that means wet, dry and even a little snow…

Go to They have many different brands to fit your car and each tire has reviews about them from the customers. Although Goodyear does make a good tire, other companies also do.

I came up with 8 ‘super-high performance all season’ tires at TireRack for your '92:

I’ve been using BFGoodrich G-Force KDW2’s for my Mustang for the past two sets, and I’ve been very pleased with them. They are summer tires and have a treadlife of about 25k miles. For all season I’ve heard good things about the Pirelli PZero Nero. But Pirellis on a Corvette seems just a bit odd IMHO.

“But Pirellis on a Corvette seems just a bit odd IMHO.”

I guess you wouldn’t care for an early 1990s ZR-1, then?

Tires are compromises. If you want more miles per tyre, then you likely will get less miles per gallon. Dry road traction might come at the expense of wet traction.

Tell us what is important to you:

Tyre life
dry traction
wet traction
Snow and Ice traction*
Comfortable ride

  • Note “all season” tyres and really only three seasons. Spring, summer and fall. For good winter performance, look for “Winter Tyres” not all season nor Snow tyres(old technology.)

Goodyear performance tires are ho hum at best, noisy and pricey for what you get. Skip them.

If you do not encounter winter conditions the Bridgestone RE960’s are incredible tires over the entire lifespan.

Not really, nobody stocks parts for the Lotus V8. Besides it came from the factory shod in Goodyears, as noted here

Anyone who says different does not know what they are talking about…

Just FYI, Ultra Grips are (performance) winter tires…not high performance all-seasons

You really need to tell us if you plan to drive this thing in the winter. If you do (why! Why!!) then you’d actually be best served by getting a winter wheel/tire combo - - cheap steel wheels on winter tires - - and a set of summer tires.

If you’re just talking about driving in both dry and rain, then your options open up considerably.

What tires did you end up going with here? Do you like them? Do you wish you went with something else?