My Toyota Corolla and Subaru Outback both need new tires. I’ve always had tires that were not very good…only got about 35,000 miles, were noisy, etc. I’d like a very quite, smooth riding, (especially for the Corolla)long lasting tire. Any suggestions?

Do you live where you expect snow?

I’d suggest Michelin tires for the Corolla, if you are OK with the premium price. A set of Michelins on the Corolla is good for 50K miles and likely much more before they are shot.

A very good tire for a bit less is made by Toyo.

For more info you can go to and do research and read reviews from actual users.

There are a lot of good tires out there…Look at places like Tirerack or 1010tires…

We’ve been buying Cooper tires for years…love them…Reasonably priced and just overall excellent tires…Wife has 25k on them on her Lexus…No issues at all…Very quiet…no problems in snow or wet weather…

Michelin and Goodyear both make excellent all-seasons.

Just shop(call) around as prices vary widely. Tire shops usually recommend what is in stock and what brings the most profit(typically cheaper tires with more markup).

Yes…Denver. Not as much snow as people think, but we do get it.

Just a couple of things to keep in mind. That Outback (AWD?) needs tyres all the same diameter. Don’t consider getting just two tyres or something like that.

All Season tyres are not Winter tyres. If you want really good winter performance, you will need real winter tyres.

Also remember that if you have two tyres that have good tread and two that have less that you are putting on the same car, the best ones go on the back. It is much safer that way.

Thanks for the info… is a great website! I didn’t know about it.

How about speed rating? Toyota says my corolla should have T rated tires. If I get a higher speed rated tire , will my ride be less smooth or bumpier, or will it make no difference at all?

Thanks for the helpful info.

BFGoodrich makes good tires, and they are made in the United States if that matters to you. I have a set of BFGoodrich Revelation Touring tires on one of my cars. I have about 55,000 miles on them, and they look like they will go another 20,000 or so before they are anywhere near the wear bars. They have been very good to me, quiet ride, responsive, absolutely will not hydroplane, good in the snow, etc.

BF Goodrich = Michelin

I’d recommend BF Goodrich Traction TA’s. Great tire for traction in snow and nice ride too.

I used to sell Cooper tires, adn I would not even consider buying them.

I’ve been buying Michelin X for the last 15years and, yes they last a long time. If properly rotated, they will last 65,000 miles or so. They have a “wear rating” that’s higher than anything I know.

For winter driving, we use Michelin X-ICE, one of the best snow/ice tires for traction. No idea how long they will last yet.

Our Michelin tires are relatively quiet; much better than the OEM tires I got with my Toyota.

Performance tires have wonderful grip, but even the best wear out much faster than your normal All Season tires. The rubber is considerably softer.

Sadly an American company who sent lots of production to China.

I probably overpay but Michelin(french) and Bridgestone(Japan) at least make their tires in the US/Japan/Europe. Tires seem like nothing to cheap out on.

Yokahama Avid ENVigor, if you are willing to spend about $137 each. There is a 4-for-3 price deal at the tire store I buy from. Maybe tire stores near you offer the same deal. I also have Yokohama Avid Touring S on another car. They are about $111 each, and are decent family car tires. Unless you are an emergency worker, you will probably stay home when the snow is too deep, so don’t worry too much about it.

The prices are for the Corolla. Expect the same tires to cost more for the Outback, if they are available.

Actually MOST of the tires they sell in the US are made in the US…Yup…they have a huge plant in China.but most of those tires are sold in Asia.

I’ve never had a problem with them…I’ve been getting 60+ on my SUV’s…I’ve used the Discover HT or the ATR…now the new CTS…Great in snow…excellent wet and dry pavement…

I’ve had MAJOR longevity problems with Dunlap and Bridgestone. Never been able to get over 30k.