I purchased a set of 4 Michelin MXVS tires for my 2006 Toyota Solara XLE Convertible.

I had the regular rotations done and when I went for a recent rotation I was informed that you would not do this because the tires were too worn - this was at 22,000. I questioned the poor performance and was told that there was no tread warranty on this tire.

I contacted Michelin about this and they recommend their Primacy product for this car.

I discussed this with the store and they say that the Primacy model is not suited to this car.

I would appreciate hearing other ideas.

Did you save the paperwork you were given when you purchased the tires? Did you read the fine print?

See or Primacy MXV4 (60K warranty) comes up as recommended for your car. Find a new tire store.

Welcome to the world of low-profile, high-performance tires, with surprised owners needing to replace them at 20-25k miles. You might look at to find tires with longer tread life for your car. What is the exact size you are using?

Yep, I use BFG g-Force KDW2’s on my car. Last set I bought ran about $1000 (tires + mounting/balancing,etc.) They last for about 22-28k miles a set. For me I’m willing to sacrifice treadlife for more grip. I knew about the higher than average tire cost before I bought the car, you gotta pay to play sometimes.