Tire squeal


I have a 2001 Nissan frontier 4X4. Sometimes in tight turns on asphalt the tires (I assume front) squeal quite louldy. This is in two wheel drive with the automatic hubs apparently disengaged at low speeds. Whatsup?


If you have the steering wheel all the way to lock, this is normal. The power steering is trying to move the wheels further, but they can’t go. This creates a lot of pressure in the system and causes the belt to slip.


I assume you are talking about the tires squealing, not a mechanical noise (which shouldn’t happen either). FWD cars have an unfortunate tendency to squeal the front tires when you accelerate in a turn, not much you can do about it unless you just want to use less throttle.


Are the tires properly inflated? Underinflated tires will squeal sooner than tires that have the correct inflation pressure.


Google the term “akerman” (also spelled “Ackerman”)

The front tires turn different amounts - the Akerman effect - and speed controls how much that should be. Try going slower and the tires won’t squeal.