Good Tires for 2007 Hyundai Elantra Size P205/55R16


I need to get two new tires for my Elantra (size mentioned in title) and someone from Adirondack Tire mentioned the Hercules tire (60,000 mile tire). Is that considered to be a good tire? Any other recommendations?

You can find tire ratings here:

Not that I know every tire, but that’s a new brand and model to me. I’m not a fan of buying odd brand tires. Check out Costco and Sams, Discount Tire if you have one near you, or just a few other tire shops.

But start at, like CS said.
both have good consumer rating systems. Visit both.

Like Texases, I’m not a fan of off-brand tires. I’m willing to bet that these are Chinese “budget” tires.
Know too that long life tires will generally have a firmer rubber compound. The compromise will typically be traction and handling. Harder rubber lasts longer but doesn;t stick to the tarmac as well.

I remember Hercules tires from the late 1970/early 1980’s. Quite a few rural coops and tire dealers carried them as a tire line. I think they were better known for their truck and Ag tires than passenger car tires. They also sell the Merit value line, as I understand it.

They do have a website, and are headquartered in Finlay, Ohio, with a global presence. Nothing I could find says where their factories are, though.

I doubt if you will find very many reviews for these tires. If you are interested, go to their website and email them through Contact Us tab.

Sounds like you’re already doing my number one step, dealing with a local business whom you can return to on a regular basis.
As with all tire stores, thier step one is to recommend tires that they have in stock. Always, standard business practice.
Another good clue is , even though Hurcules is a lower line tire, the tire store must have had good luck with that brand or they wouldn’t be stocking them.

  • research that brand and others that you can buy from your local shops because all brand names make different types of tires.

I did a little more research and found that Hercules passenger and high performance tires are made by either Cooper or Kumho, to Hercules specs. Merit tires can be made by either Cooper or Woosung.