Tired of looking at the alert lights

On my 1992 Honda Accord EX, all the warning lights for doors open, and break lights out are constantly burning. If I disconnect the battery for a couple of hours then connect again the lights function like new for a period of 1 - 2 days. If the temperature is cold (30-35) the lights function properly for 10 to 15 minutes. The problem started originally with only the break lamps alarm burning, then over a period of months all the light stay burning. There is no other problems and I have been driving the car like this for more than a year. It is just tiring to see these red lights. What is the possible cause and how can I repair this problem? Any suggestions are welcome!

Black tape over the lights…

Chances are there is corrosion built up around the connectors and switches that these modules are monitoring, and telling the module bad information.

The brake light monitor reads the overall amp draw of the brake light circuit, and will set the light when the amp draw drops to a certain threshold. Corroded connectors and sockets may cause resistance that drops the amps enough to set the indicator. I had my brake light out indicator glowing, but all my rear lights were working in my '88 Supra. I did notice one light was kinda dim. Turned out that light had a corroded ground connection. Cleaned it up, re-attached, and covered it with light bulb grease to prevent moisture from corroding it again has fixed that problem going on more than a year now.

Door switches are more difficult. It may be a broken switch or just out of adjustment or even corroded. But, you’ll need to check every door switch for problems, and maybe disconnect them one at a time until the indicator turns off to locate the bad one. This is a four door, right? Four switches need to be checked.

Your analysis seams very good. Yesterday all the lights worked just as intended all day. The weather had changed ist was colder. Today, all the lights are constantly burning again. I do feel that it has something to do with corrosion around the lights causing some sort of short circuit. If we have a sunny day tomorrow I will clean all the light sockets, and we shall see. Thanks for the advice.