2002 Honda Odyssey - Battery, brake and all door lights on and won't go off


Hello today while driving back from work I noticed that the Battery, brake and all door light lights are on and it will not go away. I have tried restarting it and it didn’t helped.
BTW this happened about two weeks ago also but that time it went away after I restarted the van.
I read somewhere that this could be because of corrosion/lose battery connection so I cleaned the battery terminals with baking soda but that didn’t helped either.
Also I didn’t noticed any problems with driving it seems to be running fine.

So I am seeking help from you experts.
Any suggestions?

Best regards


Anyone? Any advise?



Odd failures like this often point to the BCM (body control module) or bad ground(s).


+1 for insightful;

Did you remove the battery terminals and clean them, or just clean the outside without removing them from the battery.
That’s like having a leaky tire and parking on a patch…hoping that it will somehow get sucked into the tire.



I will offer an additional possibility.
When the battery and brake warning lights come on simultaneously, it can be an indicator of a failing alternator.

I don’t know how the door lights come into play with that scenario, but just on the chance that the alternator is failing, I would strongly suggest that the OP get its output checked a.s.a.p., in order to not kill the battery and wind up stranded.


I agree with VDC…A bad diode in an alternator makes a lot of AC ripple and this causes the electronics to go bonkers…Have the alternator tested…


Check your alternator as Caddyman states. That is typical reason for brake and battery light on majority of cars.


I also think the BCM may have a problem. You would probably need an honest, skilled dealership tech with a factory-level scan tool to verify this. When you say “door lights”, I’m assuming you mean the indicators that show that you have left one or more doors open/ajar? If all the problems are confined to the instrument cluster lights, you could also have a bad instrument cluster.

I would try removing both battery cables (negative first for safety), then touching them together after removal to discharge any remaining energy lurking in the system. Make sure they and the battery posts are very clean, then reattach after waiting 15 minutes. (make the last connection with the negative cable) If the problem has gone away, great. If the problem occurs before even starting the vehicle, that casts doubt on a bad alternator, as it isn’t even spinning until you start the car. You can also try resetting the cluster–I’m not sure how to do this on a Honda, but on some Mopar vehicles you can turn the key on while holding down the button that resets the trip counter, and keep holding it until the cluster starts a “self-test”, during which the gauges all sweep to their maximum and all lamps come on and go off. If you Google “honda instrument cluster self test”, there are a lot of Youtube videos showing this too, so apparently it is possible.

Of course if the problem has occurred twice, it will probably come back.


Take it to Autozone or Advance and have them check the charging and battery condition. As stated you need to clean the posts with a battery post cleaner you can buy at the auto parts store. If this does not fix it and it’s not the alternator or battery then you will need to have the BCM checked. The parts store can read your codes for free too.


Thank you all for the insight. I am taking it to the repair shop to get it checked.


Ok so I took it to firestone and they hooked it their scanner and the diagnosis is bad alternator.
Getting it repaired now.

Thanks again everyone for your insight and advise.


I hate it when I’m right…


Anyway, I’m glad that you had this situation checked-out sooner, rather than later.
For some reason, most folks seem to envision their car going dead in their driveway or other convenient location, when–in reality–it is much more likely to happen in an inconvenient place, at an inconvenient time.

Congratulations on taking an intelligent approach, rather than letting things fall by the wayside.


I also have this problem. It started a year ago with most of lights going on until the van died. The local mechanic determined it was the alternator which he replaced. The battery was still good at that time. However it died a bit over a month ago and it was replaced. A few days ago the lights came on again (charging system indicator, brake, all door lights, TCS, ABS, SRS, and DRL).
The local mechanic replaced the alternator again. Now the charging system indicator, brake and all door lights come on occasionally but only stay on for a couple of seconds and go off. Since both the battery and alternator have very recently been replaced, I’m wondering if the problem is something like a loose wire, and if so, how to find it?
Probably unrelated, the DRL light is on most of the time (it goes off occasionally), but this has been the case for over 2 years.