Tire squeel--should I worry?


Drove into work today, in the rain. Driving on a bridge deck on the interstate and car in front of me slammed on the brakes. Fair distance between us, but it caused me to do the same thing. I pressed hard on the brakes and it caused my tires to squeel/skreech on the wet concrete. Probably squeeled 10 yards–and you could smell the burnt rubber.

I believe I have good tires (70,000 mile tires–only 35,000 miles on them, pretty even ware). But now I’m worried. What sort of damage can happen to your tires if you “squeel” them? Should I worry for my drive home?

Any info. would be great! Thanks!


If they drive normally just after then I would not worry a single bit. I seriously doubt you did much to your tires in that manner of stopping. Maybe took a small bit of life out but nothing to fret over.


Your car must not have anti-lock brakes. You locked up a wheel or two and skidded a bit. No big deal. I wouldn’t worry about it. You’d have to skid a LOT further than 10 yards to do any significant damage to the tires.


I wholeheartedly agree, no damage whatsoever, especially on a wet surface.

I’ve occasionally had to lock the wheels up over the years even on dry pavement. Not often, but a few times. There has never been any aftereffect whatsoever.