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Rubbing noise after heavy rain and flooding

Not a car person! I have a 2009 Scion XD and we have recently had a lot of heavy rain, including flooding. My carpet got wet and I’m probably going to have to get that detailed if insurance will cover it, but I also noticed that I have a rubbing noise when I make sharp left turns - the sound seems to be coming from front right tire - and noticed it immediately after the heavy rain. Could they possibly be related? I recently had tires rotated, two worn out ones replaced, and belts changed. So, I do not want to take it in again because money is tight right now. Thanks for any advice!

Your right front wheel bearing could have been damaged by the water.

Unless you have a really thin carpet with no padding underneath, you need to remove the carpet and get everything dried out quickly. If you just “detail” it, you’ll probably be breathing in mold spores soon.

If the water was this high, there might have been damage to other components. An inspection by a mechanic and possibly replacement of certain fluids is a good idea here.

Not encouraging, but thanks! Is it possible the rubbing is just debris?

More than likely if you drove through some high water, one of the plastic fender panels or the underneath panel may have been knocked loose. Check and make sure they are still attached and not hanging down or flopping around.