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2013 Chevrolet Suburban - Squeaks

I have a ridiculously embarassing squel coming from my tires when i drive. It started off faint and now, not so much. Since i have to go up a parking garage, it’s agony. the sound use to subside when i pressed on the brakes but now it gives much less of a mute. Do i need new brakes, rotors? just some grease? please tell me it’s only a $10 fix and not hundreds. Looking forward to some good news. Thanks.

There is hardly anything that can be repaired for 10.00 . And without seeing this in person I certainly would not say what part or parts are bad. A guess - your brake pads are worn to the point that you have metal on metal and that is dangerous.

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Not unusual for tires to squeal in parking garages, even driving slow. I have never really paid any attention to it but suspect the concrete is sealed, thus producing the noise.
If it were brakes or any other thing you would likely hear it on other surfaces.

I don’t think the squeal is caused by the parking garage surface but is just more noticeable there . The person said the noise would lessen when applying the brakes before but not now.
Maybe they will return with more info .

Could be, plus garages echo the sound.

It is a Constant squeal when driving. It only stops When I press on the brakes or make a complete stop

I guess you can’t fix this yourself so why are you not having a shop look at it before something breaks at the worst possible time.

I have extended warranty but the deductible is $200 which is fine as long as the issue is covered, but maintenance isn’t covered and brakes are considered maintenance.

The dealership and other local shops charge between $100- $160 just for a diagnosis.

If i knew more less what it could be, like i need to fix the rotors then i can just go and get that done.

The sound is constant while driving. It has increased in volume in the past week.

The only time the high pitched squealing stops is when the vehicle comes to a complete stop.

It almost sounds as if i’m driving with the brakes on but there is no resistance and my vehicle stops well.

I had my suburban at the dealership for an oil change and the attendant recommended i grease the wheels and while traveling at a high speed on the freeway to hit the brakes (when there is no one around me and not to a complete stop) just hard enough for firm contact.

I’ve not tried this yet and hesitate to do so.

I was just hoping someone else may have previously come across a similar issue and i could get some advice.

If nothing resulted in this forum then i would just suck it up and go to the dealership, but this was just my first attempt at getting information.

Just pay for the diagnosis, it might be something critical, might be something cheap and easy. Why take the chance of having your car fail at the worst possible time?
I suspect your wheel bearings are sealed, therefore you can not “grease the wheels”.

That will almost be worthless . You don’t tell a shop to just replace something and have it not be the real problem. Just pay for the diagnostic and have repaired what really needs repaired.

That is a classic description of brake pads that are badly worn. When it gets to the point of NOT making any noise, that will mean that the pads are completely worn-out, and your braking ability will be nil.

Take the car directly to a competent mechanic tomorrow, and do not drive it until you have had the brake pads (and possibly other parts…) replaced.

Is the squeal more while you are turning, if so it could be low tire pressure. Or it could be normal.