Tire sidewall cut fails inspection, needs replacement?

Hello guys,

I went for an annual inspection, and the dealership told me my 2019 Camry’s inspection fails because the cuts on the two tires’ sidewall (both on passenger side), and needs tire replacements. 2 new tires plus labor, it costs around $620.

I attached the pictures of the tires here: Tire pictures of sidewall cuts

Can you guys tell me if it is really necessary to replace the tires? Is there any cheaper way to fix this than replacement? The tires are just 2 years old.


Yes they need replaced but you can probably buy tires for less money elsewhere .



Do you think both tires needs replacement? To me, the second tire seems only have a minor cut.

I am checking Michelin Tires in Costco, even they sell at $237 per tire. I choose Michelin to match the original equipment.

Tires should be replaced in pairs and the new ones both need to go on the rear of the vehicle . But go to a local tire store for a second opinion and you can put something besides Michelin on.


why chance a blowout and possible thousands in damage or worse, to save a couple of hundred dollars?


Like the other said, one for sure, and you’re stuck having to replace the pair. I’d also have the alignment checked, looks like both wheels hit a curb.


I have both the problematic tires on the passenger’s side.

So you mean, I need to buy 2 new rear tires, and switch one original rear tire to the passenger side front, right?


If you have a Discount / American Tire dealer check their prices . You might even get all 4 tires for less than the 2 Michelin .


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I didn’t have to enlarge the photos to see that they need replacement. If they aren’t directional tires, and they shouldn’t be on a car like a Camry, then put the new tires on back and the two older ones in the front. Also, the suggestion for an alignment check is right on. It’s possible you may have suspension issues based on all three pictures. I’d also check prices for equivalent tires at an independent tire dealer, and I’d do it soon. Like this week.


Thanks, I am on it.

I thought I cut them when I do parallel parking. The curbside cut the tire. It is kind of hard to avoid. Needs to be super careful next time.

It also took out a chunk of the wheel, that’s why I mentioned an alignment check.


I see. Thanks, will do!

I echo that the tires need replaced. And I’m hesitant to accept that the damage came from parallel parking. the one tire perhaps, but that is a massive chunk out of the first picture, and a pretty good chunk out of the wheel, as well.

Definitely get an alignment check. and if you like the Michelins, stick with them. But like was said, you do not have to.


Once again, I’m going against the grain here, BUT, you took two pictures of the worse tire from the same angle so it is possible there is something I can’t see in the pictures that would change my mind.

I don’t see any cord showing. If you get down to the cord, the tire has to be replaced. However, where the chunks are missing, if you hit the curb again in the same place on the tire, you have far less protection and are more likely to puncture the side wall at that time.

I’m guessing you parallel park in the same place frequently and that the curb there does not have a smooth rounded top edge. If possible, see if you can get the curb repaired. If not, maybe invest in a pair of curb feelers.


Does not matter , the tires will not pass the inspection so new tires are needed . I really think the damage was from hitting a curb at speed rather than poor parking skills.


Before you change out those tires (and they need replacing…), may I suggest you spend some time practicing your Parallel Parking. Watch a few YouTube Videos on Parallel Parking…

Failing that, consider Curb Scrapers or Curb Feelers. They were popular in years gone by, along with Bobby Socks, James Dean, and a T-Shirt with a pack of Camels rolled up in the sleeve…

They are still available on eBay and Amazon.

Good Luck, and quit bouncing off curbs, whether parking or cutting corners…

crub scrapers

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It doesn’t matter what you or we think. If the inspector says they fail, they fail. So if you want to pass the inspection replace them. That’s the bottom line.


Like keith, I’m going against the flow. I don’t see any cords, so I don’t think those need to be replaced - and I think you need to go somewhere else for the annual inspection.

What strikes me is the size of the rim protectors. They are HUGE!! but apparently did their job. (Although, their size may have contributed to the damage and appearance.)

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Not necessarily, I have seen curb patches done where the crew did not round off the top of the curb. If that happened where the OP regularly parks, then this will be an ongoing problem.

Depends on whether this is a state required inspection or just a courtesy inspection that is part of an oil change or other dealer supplied maintenance. It could be an upsell.

Even if it is a state required inspection, inspectors can make mistakes and they are known to add their own rules. I’ve been a victim of that myself. I had a car with a small crack at the bottom center of the windshield that had passed inspection for many years because the crack coud be completely covered by the safety sticker. Then one inspector failed it because he interpreted the rule to mean measuring from the center of the sticker instead of edge to edge. The crack was just over a half inch and the sticker was about an inch wide.