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Tire inflation sensor

I had a nail and a slow leak in a tire on my 2007 Toyota Rav4. I took the car to a FIRESTONE tire store and they said a plug and patch would cost $39 because the car has inflation sensors (it does). Curious, and suspicious,I asked him how those sensors worked. He danced around the question, saying it varies, but he already knew the type of car I had. I found a reason to leave and then took the car to Wal-Mart and they repaired it for $10. Was there any basis to what the guy was telling me?

Was there any basis to what the guy was telling me?

NONE…I have a 2005 4Runner with probably the same sensors. They remove the tires the same way and patch the same way and install the tire the same way. What it tells you is NOT to visit that Firestone dealer again.

There was no basis whatsoever.

Mike said it perfectly. Wal-Mart proved it.

While 39 bucks sounds excessive, 10 bucks sounds too cheap. I’ll bet they probably only plugged it, so it wasn’t quite the same thing - a certainly not permanent if it was a plug. So if it was a plug, keep and eye on it. Perhaps it might be better to have someone look at the tire and if need be, repair it properly.

If you’re a Sam’s Club member, all tire repairs are free (doesn’t matter if you bought the tires there or not), so $10 at Wal-Mart might not be too cheap. Sam’s does do a proper repair that requires the tire to be unmounted/remounted, not a plug.

My last plug, just a few weeks ago, cost $6. I’ve never had a problem with a plug.

The point is…there is no difference in how to repair a tire with or without this type of sensor.

yes there is,there is a High line sys ,and the low line sys.both have different critera.

yes there is,there is a High line sys ,and the low line sys.both have different critera.

No, Mike is correct.
(Why do I get the feeling our latest troll, msmamma or whatever his name was, is back in yet another guise?)

I do not know mmmmasa,(but there are two systems) and it will make a huge difference.

There are at least two different tire repair systems, but whether the wheel has a pressure sensor or not doesn’t make a difference.

ok… i’ll bite. what is a high line sys, and a low line sys?

is this having to do with the pressure sensors, or the tire repair?

want some light reading to make your head spin? try this

See my silly story; the Recommended Mechanic works is the original post. That was a really great and obviously wrong statement. The mechanic has enough sense to try ripping you off instead of taking the money out of the register. Then he can do a refund of $29 after you leave. He’s only partially crooked but 100% lazy or he would try to rip you off for $5 or so for a new valve core.

A 2007 RAV4 …the tire sensors are in the valve stem and shouldn’t interfere with a tire change one bit.