Tire Safety

Our 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan with 162K miles was last fitted with 4 Sears Bridgestone 60K tires in 2003 at 120K on the odometer. They show little wear for the 40K, but we are concerned about their age. Can these tires still be driven safely at highway speeds?

There isn’t a clear, concise answer coming out of the tire manuafcturers to the question of when to remove tires just due to age, but my take is that in hot climates (AZ, CA, NV, TX, and FL) the limit is 6 years - and for cold climates (MT, MN, ND, MI, etc.) the limit is 10 years. States in between are …uh … in between.

Yeah, pretty much agree but check the date code on the tires. They might have already been 5 years old when Sears put them on. I think Sears has been known to have old stock on hand for some reason-maybe they get them cheaper or something.