New tires too old?

Needed new tires for my 2005 Grand Caravan so I purchased 4 BFG Premier Touring tires at my local Coctco in Selma, TX yesterday. On arriving home looked at the tire registry to send to the manufacturer. Noticed that 3 of the tires were manufactured on 2008 (twentieth week of 2008) and 1 was made 3909 (thirty ninth week of 2009). I am not unhappy with my purchase since the tires were only $85.99/each and had a $60 rebate on the total bill. But, arn’t the three tires made in 2008 a bit old to be selling for new tires??

They are fine. Tires that are 6 years old or older should be replaced if they are on a vehicle or on a store shelf. Most tires are at least a year old because of stock rotation. It would have been nice if they were all made in 2009 but that rarely happens.

No. Two years is not too old. When the tires are 6 or 7 years old you might have something to be concerned about, but not two years.