New tires too old?



Needed new tires for my 2005 Grand Caravan so I purchased 4 BFG Premier Touring at my local Costco in Selma, TX yesterday. On arriving home looked at the tire registry to send to the manufacturer. Noticed that 3 of the tires were manufactured on 2008 (twentieth week of 2008) and 1 was made 3909 (thirty ninth week of 2009). I am not unhappy with the tires since they were only $85.99/each and had an instant rebate of $60 on the total price. But, arn’t the three tires made in 2008 a bit old to be selling for new tires??


Tires age when in sunlight and through use. If these tires sat in the warehouse the entire time (I’m sure they did), you are OK.


Tires have a very long “shelf-life”…


Chances are you are fine. The usual storage conditions will result in very slow aging of the tyres. No sun light not too much ozone etc, means little aging.