Tire Replacement

The original tires on our 2005 Grand Caravan with 65K have a little more than 1/8th or 3/16th of an inch of tread left. The wear is even, no cupping, no cracking. We will be taking a 4,000 mile trip. Should we replace now or wait until our return.

4,000 miles on questionable tires? Why not replace now? I’ll bet the ride will be a lot smoother with new rubber.

Definitely replace. I’m at the same point, and my ride is very noisy. You’ll enjoy the quiet!

You will be safer on new tires if you hit heavy rain driving. Worn tires tend to hydroplane much easier. If you hit winter conditions with those worn out shoes it could be a little scary.

Here’s the deal-the tires themselves COULD go another 4K miles, but I would reccommend against it simply because of one reason-hydroplaning. When you have so little tread left this tire will be very difficult to drive on if it rains.

My advice is always err on the side of safety. Also, choose a quality replacement tire from a reputable company. Good luck.

Go ahead and get them replaced now. Your ride will be smoother, your chances of a hydroplaning accident will decrease, and your peace of mind will always be priceless!

Ricart Auto

Since the new tires may last until you trade in the minivan, get them now. It might rain a few times in 4,000 miles. Check your wipers too.

“Ricart Auto”

Are you from central Oho by any chance?

Replace NOW. Why take the chance of having to replace them 1000 miles away from someone you don’t know or trust. Take the car to the tire place you’ve been using and trust. It’ll save you time and money…not to mention possibly saving your life or someone you love.

Thanks for the advice. Will replace. Nebraska is our home.