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Tire pressure when snowplowing

I am wondering if I need to change my tire pressure in my truck when I have the snowplow on, versus when it is off. The recommended pressure according to the sticker on the door is 55psi front, and 80 rear. I do carry the recommended amount of ballast in the back so the truck rides smoothly, but I have never seen anything about tire pressure. Anyone have any thoughts?

Nope. Keep the tire pressures at what the door placard reflects.


You are adding about 300lbs or so to the front tires, add 5lbs to each front tire.

When done with the plow, reduce the pressure back to the recommended pressure.

With the plow on the front, you could go up to the maximum tire pressure. At 55 PSI, you’re at the lower end of the scale for your tires. If it rides too hard, you can back it down a few PSI.

I used to run a 2500 4x4, extended cab, 8’ box w/ an 8’ western on it. If you’re not doing too much driving with the plow raised, I wouldn’t bother changing the front pressures. While actually plowing, the weight is mainly off the front suspension and tires. If you’re driving around a lot with it raised, you might want to consider bumping the pressures up. I noticed an improvement in handling with slightly higher pressures.

I never ran 80lbs in the rear when I had no load in the bed. It drove like a lumber wagon if I ever forgot to air down when not hauling. I found it to be more comfortable and better handling with something like 65-70lbs in the rears, unloaded. With plow ballast, I ran the recommended rear pressure.

Thanks for all the advice guys. Now I just need to get a bit of snow so I can make the truck payments.