2000 Dodge Ram 2500 - Tire pressure question

If you measure your tire pressure cold when
it is 60 out and you put maximum pressure because of a load and the temperature out changes to 85 is you tire dangerously too high pressure?

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That would increase the pressure by 2.5 PSI.

That is insignificant for a light truck tire with a max cold pressure of 80 PSI.

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Are you talking about the maximum pressure number on the side wall of the tire ? If so stop doing that . There is a label on your door jamb that says what to inflate your tires to . You can go a little over but I would not by more than 5 pounds when hauling a heavy load.

Dodge trucks did not have the tire pressure on a door label in 2000. There is a chart that came with the owners manual showing tire pressures for each series and configuration.

Light load for a 2500 is generally 35 to 45 PSI, full load can be as high as 80 PSI.