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2018 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 - Tire Pressure changes

So my truck tires i had 38 psi put in them, in the morning 3 tires drop down to 34. One drops down to 35 by the time i get to work the psi goes up to 38. Is this normal i know it gets cold but should it really drop that much. And when i stop after i get home two tires drop immediately to 37.

You didn’t say how far you drive to work or home but I’m going to say that is just fine.

Really paying attention to the numbers displayed on the dash, aren’t you? If you had to measure it with a mechanical gauge by hand, you would never check them this often, would you?:wink:

The pressure is changing with temperature. The ambient temp plus the added warmth from rolling resistance. Seems normal. Here is more info if you like.

Pretty much what I’d expect, too. No issue. Does your car’s readout have each tire listed? Just check it every morning, if some start getting low fill them.

What is the recommended pressure for your truck’s tires?

As others have said, this is normal. Make sure that the cold pressure in the morning is the recommended pressure listed on the sticker on your truck or in the owner’s manual.

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