Tire Pressure Sensors for Snow Tires

  1. If I buy new wheels for snow tires for my 2007 Ford Taurus, does federal law require that I install tire pressure sensors?

    2. Does my car use an ABS tire pressure monitor system, or one installed ithin the wheel. I have gotten different answers.

I bought mounted winter tires for my 2008 Accord w/out tire pressure sensors. My TPMS light is on & I can not disable my vehicle stability control (not a big deal). It has no impact on my ABS. Check your owner’s manual for your Taurus or call Tire Rack–they should know.

Personally I would simply ignore the light and let it illuminate. No law requiring you to fix anything.

mandated for manf. NOT YOU

good luck!

Thank-you. Is it required of tire dealers. My local dealer (Dunn Tire) wouldn’t sell me snows on wheels without the sensors. So - I ended up with tire rack.

Just another wonderful product of our tort system that scares company’s into policies that may have little to do with anything.

Sort of like cell phones in hospitals mess up medical equipment and should not be used. My wife’s workplace did a study/researh and found no evidence of this.

As MET002 stated, this is mandated for the vehicle manufacturer, not for the consumer.

There are still some people who believe that Federal Agents will break down their door if they remove the tags from their mattresses. That is a bogus old wives’ tale, and the belief that consumers are subject to arrest for removing tire pressure sensors is a bogus new urban legend.

Before deciding I’d recommend you check with your state’s department of motor vehicles if you live where there are safety inspections. Many state regulations require as a that all safety systems designed into the car be properly operating in order to get a sticker. The Low Tire Pressure warning system can be considered a safety system.

Put on OE tires, get sticker, go home and put on snows. : ))

However, if these sNows are on a second set of rims and will be reused for the next six seasons, it may be advantagous to invest in another set of tpms sensors.

My actual opinion is to ignore the light, check and maintain tire psi the old fashioned way, and get the dmv sticker with the steet tires on .

But what if the tires on the first set are summer only, and there’s a few inches of snow on the ground at the time of inspection? :stuck_out_tongue:

You’d only be one of a hundred others driving that way, nothing strange to the inspector about that.

does not matter in PA.


RED BRAKE LIGHT ,(DOES). regardless if its the park brake switch or not.

ALL LISTED SYSTEMS ABOVE ,ARE OPTIONAL EXCEPT TPMS,and nothing on the books for a low tire failing.(if that was the case everybody would fail.).
hope that sheds some LIGHT!

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