Do I have to install tire pressure sensors on winter wheels?

I own a 2009 Honda Civic EX-L Sedan and plan to install snow tires on winter wheels. The web site I plan to purchase these from suggests I purchase tire pressure sensors (4 for $144.00) and a ATEQ TPM QUICKSET RESET TOOL (@ $135.00). Are these REALLY necessary if I continue to check my tire pressure with a gauge I carry in the car? Is there any problem if I don’t have these installed and try to save the $279.00 ? The car comes with these on the wheels I will use for summer driving. Thanks for any information.

You don’t have to…but you will have to put up with the light that’s telling you tire pressure is low.

I elected NOT to have them installed on my Accord winter tires last year. You’ll have to live w the TPMS light being on all the time–a small price to pay in my opinion. That’s it–just check the tire pressure yourself–something I have been doing for 45 years until this wonderful invention. Put black tape over the light, if that will help you live w it.

If you don’t mind the tire pressure warning light being on all winter you don’t need the tire pressure sensors.

I’d save the money and live with the light.

Do the sensors constantly send a “good pressure” signal to the computer? or only send a “low pressure” signal to the computer when the pressure falls below a predetermined level? I can’t believe the sensors are constantly sending a signal 24/7, it seems like the little batteries would wear out a lot faster…

Thank you for the info.

Thank you for the info.

Haven’t done anything yet. Am planning on getting the snow tires soon. Thanks anyway for your concern.

I went with NOT ordering all the extra stuff. Thanks to all who submitted replies!

I can’t remember who the poster was on here, but they said that low pressure light is how they know they have their winter tires/rims on the car so they also know when to change them out.

I would like to know if the TPM light comes on or not after you install the winter tires and wheels. I change my OEM 16" wheels out for 18" non-factory performance wheels from May to November and for three seasons never had the TPM light coming on during those months. When I purchased the AR wheels at Sears they never said anything about buying tire pressure sensors for the perfomance wheels. Also, I know the TPM light is working because it glows momentarily at start-up.