Tire pressure sensors

I just bought a new Honda Civic and asked the dealer about purchasing a set of steel rims for winter use and he told me that I would also have to purchase a set of tire pressure sensors. What would happen if I ignored this advice and ran the winter tires without sensors?

Your tire pressure warning light would stay lit.

Since it’s seperate from the CEL light and the ABS and Airbag lights, I don’t see a problem with doing that, but if you have to pass a state inspection this winter you may fail.

On the other hand, you can buy aftermarket sensors for $28 a wheel.

I am glad that when you are told this type of info your “better check this out” meter kicks in. I really want to defend the Dealers but they are making it very hard to do so.

You can get a “inspection” any time you want. Just scrape off the old sticker and ask for a inspection. THEN mount your winter tires…

Just think of it as a reminder come spring that you need to switch your rims out

I don’t know of any state that requires tire pressure monitors.

It’s not that they require monitors, it’s that they won’t pass you if a warning light is lit.

Yup. Here in NH any warning light of any kind is cause for rejection.

I guess they figure people just don’t know how to check tire pressure anymore. Sorry but in my opinion failing for a tire presssure sensor light is just plain stupid.

The regs book in NH is chock full of stupid.

Heck, based on the stats that have been studied, one could even argue the intelligence of having state inspections…except as a revenue generator. We’ve had a few lengthy threads on the subject.