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Tire Pressure sensor

Why does my left rear tire sensor keep showing on dash as needs attention Doesn’t matter what tire is on the left rear Sensor stops working for awhile then works

The sensor is bad or the connection is faulty. Tire pressure monitor systems have not reached the point of being “reliable” in my opinion. Everyone I know who has ever had a tire pressure monitor system on their vehicle has had problems with them. Most mechanics and automotive magazines agree that checking the tire pressure with an air pressure gauge is the safest and most reliable method out there. Bottom line: Don’t trust the TPMS. Once you understand how your TPMS system works, you’ll understand why it doesn’t eliminate the need for regular tire-pressure checks.

If the tires are rotated or changed on my 2010 Cobalt, the TPMS has to go through a relearning procedure. This is explained in the Owner’s manual. For peace of mind, check the tires with a good quality dial pressure gauge.

Ed B.