Tire dressings

I looked at these products in Pep Boys and found more than you can shake a stick at. Which of them are long(er) lasting and will they in any way damage the tires?

Tire dressings should not damage the tire. In fact, part of what they do is to protect the tire from the sun’s UV radiation that dries out the rubber. I use Meguiar’s (lasts about 1-2 months and my SUV is garaged), but you can find a lot of information and comparisons on car care products on the Autogeek and Autotopia web sites.

Good luck.

None are likely to really do any good, but then they likely will not do any bad to your car. If you like the effect, buy the produce. Personally I don’t bother.

Tires have waxes and anitoxidants (AO’s) built into the rubber to protect the rubber surface. As the tire flexes, these come to the surface. The waxes form a barrier and the AO’s collect the oxygen. Obviously, the tread rubber doesn’t benefit from the wax barrier, but the tread compound does have AO’s!

What you want is a tire dressing that enhances this.

There have been some dressings that will literally dissolve the rubber - very bad! Whether they are still on the market …???

And there have been some that dissolve the wax (which has a dull finish) - and that is also not helpful.

If you are going to use one at all, pick one that has AO’s.

But my recommendation is not to use nothing at all.

“But my recommendation is not to use nothing at all.”


So, if we shouldn’t use nothing, what should we use?





Thanks…keep it coming. The last time I used such a product, it lasted only a very short time.