Tire damage on a brand new tire?

15 miles on brand new Michelin XIce Snows bought from tirerack. Pulled a pebble out of the groove. Then looked at the tire groove and see what looks like a large divot (not sure if exactly where the pebble was). Worrisome? Worth a trip to the shop for them to inspect?
Any idea if this would be covered under either the Michelin 60 day satisfaction guarantee (they say road hazards not covered) or the Tire Rack Road Hazard guarantee (they say only defects which render the tire unserviceable are covered). Would this meet either criteria or do I have to live with it? Is it ok to live with it?

Nothing to worry about at all. You can bring it to a shop but be prepared to get a sneer. :rofl:

If it isn’t leaking, you are Ok.

Looks like something is still stuck in there. Is it?

These are winter tires (very soft compound) and that’s what it looks like when you pry a pebble out of the tread. Very normal.


Nothing stuck in there now

I don’t see a problem. Every tire can get this type of damage, it’s just a matter of when.


Spray some soapy solution (like Windex) on it. if it doesn’t bubble up, then do not even worry about it and motor on.


Why would you even ask here, instead of Tire rack or Michelin? They are the ones with the answers.

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I do a lot of gravel road driving and see nothing at all concerning here. It isn’t like you drove over a spark plug and got it stuck through the tread of your tire like I did once. Luckily all 4 tires were about due for replacement and this just pushed me to go to the tire shop and get it done sooner.

I use Falkens for this reason. I feel they are a good all around tire and moderately priced. My one and only run-in with cheap Douglas tires from Wal-Mart taught me the lesson that cheaping out on tires is not a good idea. Michelin is the gold for sure but if you are worried about damage from rough roads, something mid-grade might be in order. Falkens have served me well for car and AT truck tires.

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