Small tire accident

Good morning,
Today I accidently hit into a pavement surface, which lead to a small crack on my tires, is it necessarily to get a tire change? my tires are brand new , only used it for 2 months, no cracks at all, only a small one from today.

one garage said its a major problem and it will only last 2 days, and the other garage said its very small and it will not affect, so I am in confusion
see attachment for tire photo

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Sidewall damage can cause sudden failure, If this was my car I would not drive at highway speeds and would get the tire replaced in the next day or two.


If it bulges or you can see cords (white), it’s a problem.

I don’t see either, so drive on! Keep an eye on it, though.

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If your new tires have a road hazard warranty, use it.

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Not to disagree but you have a new set of tires at a substantial cost that you expect to use over the next 5 years? Do you really want a compromised tire on there checking for a bulge every now and then or wondering if it will be ok while driving 70 on the freeway? A couple slices on a new tire would not make me comfortable. So while all the tires are new just put a new one on while they all match. I had 1500 miles on a new car and ruined a tire. It happens but after $250 I never worried about it again.


Describe the accident. Did you hit a curb, pinching the tire and causing the damage? Or was it something else? You might want to get the alignment checked, it doesn’t take much of a hit to throw off the alignment and possibly damage some suspension components.

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Can’t tell from looking at the picture. If you can pry open the split rubber with your finger tips or finger nails and see the cords, then replace the tire. If you can’t see the cords, the tire is fine.

Edit: if you can see the cords and there is no damage to them, the tire is OK, but the rubber provides abrasion resistance and without that, I would not take the chance.

I would also be concerned about the wheel being dented.

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I can see why that would cause confusion. Good comments above. I think what I’d do in that situation is take the vehicle to the place I bought the tires and ask them if this is a warranty item, and to otherwise assess the situation. They’ll be more likely to have the needed tire expertise. From what I can see just based on the photo it’s a leaner, could go either way.

That tire would make me a bit antsy so I think it should be looked at closely by the tire store.

Maybe it’s me, but the wheel and tire bead looks a bit odd like some of the wheel rim is gone.
Maybe a wheel is needed along with some suspension work and an alignment. It does not take much to knock things out of whack with potholes and curb strikes.

I never noticed the wheel but yeah it does look odd. When I wrecked my tire it was amazing how thin the sidewall was at least compared to the old days and mine wasn’t a cheap tire.

I don’t see any damage to the aluminum, that brown smear shouldn’t be difficult to clean.