Tips for seat rail lube?

The other thread here about seats got me thinking that my Corolla’s driver’s seat-adjustment doesn’t slide fore and aft as easily as it did when new. Sticking. Any tips on how to lube the seat rails to get them sliding freely again? Took a look, not much working space under the seat. Unsure where the lube needs to be applied.

With all the advice you have to offer you really need help with this ? Just spray silicone lubricant and be done with it.

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Agree with silicone spray. It attracts less dirt. Just get a light under there and look for the sliding points.

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Some aerosol motorcycle chain lube might work. I use it on things like this as it has a tendency to cling.

I would think that would splatter all over the place. In the past I have unbolted the seat, tipped it backward, applied lube with a brush. Pretty much any grease will work, I used high temp. grease so it doesn’t tend to liquify in the summer heat.

The key to a long term solution is to get the old, polluted, sticky grease off the rail before re-greasing it. I like using moly grease (molybdenum disulfide) for automotive applications due to the wide temperature range it remains stable. I agree, if you’re just going to spritz something under there, go thin. Otherwise, unbolt it, flip it over and spray some solvent on the tracks to get the old dirty stuff out. Then re-grease it and it’ll last the rest of its life (another 20 years :wink:

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I’ve never had an issue with chain lube. It’s applied sparingly with the little red tube and I like it because it is designed to stick a bit as a cycle chain has a tendency to throw it off. Also use it on door hinge pins and so on. Just a personal choice is all.,

On lots of new cars I’ve just noticed what appears to be white lithium on contact parts all over. Might be time to pull the seat and do a good cleaning on the rails.