Interference or non-interference?

My timing belt broke and I need to find out if my engine is an interference engine or not. I have called the Ford dealership mechanics here in town and gotten mixed answers. Where can I find out for sure from an authoritative source. I have a 98 Ford Contour with a 4 cyldr, 2.0L DOHC 16v Zetec VCT engine.

No. It’s not an interference engine.


Thanks. Can you refer me to your source? Nothing personal, but I’m trying to get an authoritative source because 2 certified mechanics at the Ford dealership told me it IS an interference engine, but most comments I’ve found on web forums say it’s not. I can’t find any info or Ford’s website.

Sure! No problem! This is the Gates site for timing belts. Click on the Timing Belt Replacement Guide, and those engines with an asterix next to it are interference engines. Your engine has no asterix.


Does non-interference automaticaly mean no damage? on some yes.