Timing Belts

What is the real truth about when a timing belt should be changed?

The REAL truth is exactly what is quoted in the Audi maintenance schedule that should be sitting in the car’s glove compartment. And, it should be noted that the schedule for replacing that item will have both an odometer mileage value and an elapsed time value, with the proviso of “whichever comes first”.

Why would you want to second-guess the people who designed and built your engine?

VDC couldn’t put it any better. The real truth is, the belt should be replaced at the specified interval as written in your owner’s manual, whichever comes first. That means that if you reach the mileage before the years, change it. If you hit the number of years before reaching that mileage, change it. It’s pretty cut and dry.

VDC said it perfectly, as usual. The only thing left for me to do is concur.

New Timing Belt Tensioner(s) Are Recommended To Go With The New Belt.

Many change the water pump at this time if it’s driven by the timing belt.

And that’s the real truth.


CSA is correct.
Even if the maintenance schedule does not specify it, replacing the water pump and the belt tensioners at the same time as the timing belt is a very practical, proactive approach.