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Timing belt

i was told by my mechanic that i need to replace the timing belt now. do i? it’s got just over 99,000 mi.

What does your owner’s manual say?

You need to replace the belt. You don’t mention the year but since the belt is rubber coated it also as an age limit in addition to a mileage limit. My cirrus v6 said 80k but I replaced it at 63k because the car was 12 yr old.

thank you for responding. it’s a 2001 btw. i guess i knew it all along but since it’s so expensive tried to hope not. i will replace it, and thanks again.

It’s been on borrowed time for about 3 years now so replace it along with the water pump and any belt tensioners.

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thank you… but why does the owner’s manual say replace at 120,000? Then I called the chrysler dealer and he said 105,000. !! anyway, i am replacing next week. thanks again.