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PT Cruiser timing belt

I own a 2002 PT Cruiser w/64,000 miles on it. Owners manual makes no mention of when to change timing belt unless you own a taxi or do lots of stop and go driving, then the belt should be changed at 90,000 mi. Checked with dealer and they said around 120,000 miles to change belt. Currently most manufacturers recommend around 60,000 miles for the change. What has been your experience with this car? Any catastrophic failures that you have dealt with and what was the outcome?

Bruce Harper

Most Recent Chryslers Recommend 120,000 Intervals. You Have A “Low Miles” Vehicle That Is 8 To 9 Years Old. Most Manufacturers Recommend Replacement By 8 Years Of Age.

You certainly could replace it in the near future, based on vehicle (and timing belt) age.


According to the maintenance schedules I have access to, under “normal” driving conditions the belt is to be replaced at 180,000 mi. With an 8 year old car with only 64k I would think you have a ways to go before you have to worry about the belt.

If this were my vehicle, based on the age, I would replace the timing belt very soon. At eight years of age, it is getting to the point of living on borrowed time. Your car has an interference engine. If the belt fails, you will most likely be looking at some serious engine damage. A timing belt is not something I would want to take chances on, unless it were a more simple, freewheeling engine that will not cause valve damage in the event of a failure, on a car that I don’t need to rely on to get me around every day. Your current timing belt could last another month, or another ten years. It depends on how much of a betting man you are as to whether or not to replace it, and whether or not you are willing to wager your intake valves and pistons in the bet. When you change out that belt, you will also want to consider replacing the tensioner and water pump as well, so they don’t end up going bad and taking out your new belt, and your engine.

Yea, based on age, I would have it done now.