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Timing belt

I am caring for my daughter’s 2001 Honda Civic while she is out of the country. The car has 81,000 miles. When I took it to the dealer for the 80k checkup, the dealer told me I should change the timing belt because it was 7 years old. Does this make sense? Am I running a risk by waiting?

What does the owner’s manual say? If it says to change it now, then definitely do it, because Honda engines will sustain major damage if the timing belt breaks.

Typically the water pump is replaced at the same time because the labor is already covered in the timing belt replacement.

yes it does

and yes you are

…and unless you already got the quote and its details the answer to tomorrow’s questions are: yes, things like water pumps and tensioners should also be replaced when the belt is done, and yes it costs a lot of money to do all of that. But there is no need to go to a dealer. You can get perfectly good service for less at a reputable, local, independent mechanic.

Verify the manual if it exists, however I believe the interval is 8yrs/105,000 miles. You have another year likely and personally I would wait.

Starting In About July, 2000, The 2001 Cars Began Rolling Out.

FYI, this car can possibly be 8 to 8-1/2 years old. The youngest it can be is 7-1/2. The “date of mfg.” tells the real age of the belt.

You bring up a great point. My car(Subaru WRX) is nearing 5 years old in my ownership. I purchased it brand new with <40 miles on the clock. However the date of manufacture was one full year earlier than date of purchase.

I wonder if the first year of my car’s life on a ship from Japan, moved a few times at port and car carry and then dealer lot really counts against the 8 yr/105,000 interval? I am only at 55k so I cannot imagine putting 50k in the next 3 years.

thanks everyone for your advice. the car was manufactured in 2001. The owner’s manual says to replace the timing belt (the first time) at 120k or 84 months and than every 90k/6 years after…so I guess I’ll have to do it!

You don’t have to use the dealer for this repair. It’s NOT rocket science. Also the water pump, cam seals and drive belts should also be changed. Find a good independent and get it done for about half the price.

Good decision in regards to your timing belt. I have noticed that many people post “after timing belt replacement questions”. These questions involve issues such as ,lower mpg after timing belt, new noises after timing belt ,oil leaks after timing belt,parts mysteriously breaking after timing belt.

It is true timing belts are not “rocket science” but there are plenty of areas that things can go wrong. Choose your mechanic wisely.