Timing Belt

I have a '01 Honda CRV with 61,000 miles.

Have had 3 different opinions. Change the timing belt at 60,000; 90,0000 and 110,000.

I live in Tucson, AZ

Please give an opinion.

i have had two timing belt break on me.and my wife car have put here down once.so i would say 60,000 mile.but your owner manual should tell you. good luck

The only opinion that matters is the opinion of the people who designed and built your engine. Fortunately, that information can be found in your glove compartment, either in a book titled “Owners Manual” or in a book titled “Honda Maintenance Schedule”.

Open the glove compartment, take out the booklet(s) that you find there, read exactly what Honda specifies, and ignore the well-meaning opinions of everyone else.


I’d be willing to bet that for your situation all 3 opinions are wrong.

As someone pointed out, check your owners manual for the correct answer.

With a 7 year old Honda, and averaging less then 10,000 miles a year, the age of the belt is probably going to be your problem.

72,000 miles / 8 years

The official recommendation from Honda is 105,000 miles. The newer timing belts last about 30% longer than the older styles. No advantage to changing it at 60M miles.

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